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Clients who choose Ketchum ultimately choose us for only one reason -- our people.

Ketchum people aren’t standard PR agency “types.” They’re uncommonly curious, smart and passionate about what they do. They like a good challenge, but they like to challenge conventional thinking even more. It’s what makes them the kind of people clients trust with some of the best known brands in the world, and what makes Ketchum a special place to work.

At Ketchum, we continually invest in the success of our colleagues’ career paths, through everything from our premier Camp Ketchum off-site leadership seminar, to our industry-renowned Ketchum University global training program, to our state-of-the-art myKGN intranet portal, to our community-building award winning Ketchum Social Responsibility initiatives in local neighborhoods, to our global Scholar program that enables employees to work in other Ketchum offices. 
If Ketchum is continually number one, it’s because our people are. Interested in working at a global agency like no other, full of smart people who continually astound clients with results, who act on their belief that they can  change the world  one good deed at a time?  
If these sound like your kind of people and the type of place you’d like to work, take a look at our career opportunities at the top of this page.