Media Research and Queries

A company interested in forming a positive image in the media should build its PR activity on analytical materials that designate its information field.
Proper analysis of the field is one of the main components of an effective PR campaign.

To achieve a project's goals and targets, ANCS uses:

  • Rating research;
  • Expert queries;
  • Media analysis;
  • Public opinion monitoring by studying the media audience, holding focus groups, conducting in depth interviews and expert queries;
  • Monitoring a company's transparency;
  • Development of PR projects evaluation methodology;
  • Media measurement and data bases.

PR Auditing and Consulting

In the modern communications market PR auditing and consulting are the most demanded service. ANCS has vast experience in the following fields:

  • Information flow monitoring;
  • Forming/correcting information fields;
  • Communications auditing;
  • Working out information schedules;
  • Working out strategies and missions for companies;
  • Working out information policies for companies;
  • Reputation management;
  • Crisis management;
  • Expertise in forming and managing the company's public image;
  • Public activity psychological support and client stress management Corporate communications;
  • Media communications, forming a pool of loyal journalists;
  • Creating media and Internet products.

Financial Communications: IPO, M&A, IR

We build and manage a communications platform to reach all audiences in a planned, multi-stakeholder approach in order to raise awareness of the listing company, build clear understanding of the business and generate interest in the IPO by building appreciation of its investment merits. We serve as our clients’ liaison to the international investment community: we develop and disseminate the merger story, manage the Media relations, shareholder communications, the market intelligence and the global investor outreach.

Regional Relations

Regional Relations, establishing communications on behalf of the client, taking into account regional factors and peculiarities of interregional cooperation is one of ANCS most successful fields. ANCS utilizes its extensive regional information resource network information as well as the company's branch offices in every federal district of the country.

Government & Investor Relations

ANCS also specializes in establishing reputations and working with government and local authorities and interpersonal communications. It provides assistance in holding and sponsoring charity campaigns. As part of social investment concept, we provide communication platforms: congresses, conventions, conferences and forums. We publish and present annual reports on the customer's activity. ANCS assists in establishing expert councils and groups, holding round tables and public hearings or discussions of the initiatives and public projects to give them added importance and ensure analysis support of management decisions.

Information Campaigns

ANCS provides full information support. In each specific case an individual PR support plan is developed, including the following activities:

  • determining the target audience and prioritizing channels for information influence;
  • developing, planning and holding press events (press tours, press parties, press lunches, press conferences and briefings etc.), teleconferences, arranging;
  • press centers, making presentations (photo and video);
  • holding exhibitions and forums;
  • providing media planning and copywriting.

Social Projects and Campaigns

ANCS has unique experience in developing and promoting social programs. It has realized a number of governmental projects: establishing a press center for the Priority national project "Education" and its regional branch offices, running an information/education campaign aimed to explain why the Russian educational system should be developed and modernized by providing informational support to the Social Council of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, developing and spreading PR materials within the framework of the Special federal program "Russian Language", organizing a public discussion of the Russian youth policy strategy, providing informational support for the permanent Council of Ministers of Education of the CIS.

Organizing all-Russian student contests, professional contests in PR and journalism fields, holding communication seminars, training sessions, round tables, business and educational programs, creating and placing social advertising.