Андрей Матузов

Russia, Moscow

As cliche as it sounds: the key to success is hard work and lack of fear.

In my experience, those we've hired who have succeeded have one strong quality in common aside from talent — a good work ethic. Those people aren’t afraid of a challenge. And that is the thing I love the most about my job. This is a business of peaks and valleys, there are times when you've created a campaign that has succeeded beyond your expectations and you are walking on cloud nine. Then, there are times when something you created was killed because of some irrational reason (and you've had a few of these in a row) - you feel like throwing in the towel. What I also enjoy is that you learn a little of everything because in advertising you work on so many diverse products.


While I believe that teamwork makes the best results, individuals are the ones that make a team that good. However it’s not just about the quantity, it’s about the quality, the competencies. That’s why every person that is working with us is a talented one, so our team is pretty amazing!